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Cows and Corn

July 25, 2013

Today, we drove. A lot.

We did, however, begin on an exciting note: we now have a full tour team!! We met up with Molly Roberge and Patrick Rosanelli in Centennial, Colorado to make our power team complete. While we were all super stoked for our new additions, this also meant that now we have 6 people in a 7 person car as well as two weeks worth of luggage and all of our Street Team materials. Yikes.

Luckily, we’re all super easy going and weirdly talented at packing a ton of stuff into very small spaces (I was really awesome at hide and seek when I was little- I think this helped) and we managed our 9 HOUR DRIVING DAY with relative ease.

So, what did we do while cruising across Nebraska crammed into our Empowermobile? Lots of things šŸ™‚

– There was a lot singing (more show tunes than your average tour car)

– There was a lot of corn (people from Nebraska are called the cornhuskers for a reason)

– Almost every rest stop has had a place to shower, how awesome is that!? (haven’t done it yet)

– Katie taught us a new game called “my cows” which involves racing to call “dibs” on the most cows without getting your total sliced in half by whoever spots a McDonalds (it got pretty intense)

– Pillow pets are our new best friends


We finally arrived in Nebraska which is green and beautiful and our hosts are the nicest people. The neighborhood we’re staying in is very picturesque and just… I dunno… American. I’m talking white houses with porches and American flags and kids playing in the streets and I feel like at any moment Bruce Springsteen is going to start blaring. It’s great!

Tonight we get to relax and tomorrow morning we can sleep in!!! Literally cannot wait.

And that was our day šŸ™‚

Also, check out our most recent video of our day in Park City, Utah at the Silly Market! It was great, have a look at the post below!

To the Movement,




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