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Day 6 – Omaha!

July 26, 2013

Today was a wonderful day in Nebraska! We started the morning off with Starbucks coffee (gotta love that it’s everywhere) and then headed down to Old Market Omaha. Omaha has been probably our biggest pleasant surprise of the trip. It’s beautiful! Lots of green, trees, and very friendly people.

Old Market is adorable with cobblestone streets and horses and carriages. After Starbucks we headed to another coffee shop called Aroma (yes, we love coffee) where we met with a woman from the Nebraska Department of Education. We had a very interesting conversation around LDs, our stories, and the education system in general. It was great to hear from a different perspective and hear her vision for the future of our education system. It’s very inline with Eye to Eye’s vision and we were happy to find some common ground.

After our coffee house experience we walked around Old Market and then headed over to the Omaha Zoo. Did you know it’s the second best zoo in the country? We heard that from just about everyone we met. We met some awesome people today.  While walking in Old Market we visited at trinket store where the cashier was a proud Dyslexic and very excited to hear about the tour.   We met two amazing older gentleman who worked in the Visitors Center and where very enthusiastic about our tour and tell us all the great things about Omaha!

Our last activity in Omaha was a Street Team at the Children’s Museum.  The museum was incredible with hundreds of children and parents enjoying an incredible day of hands on learning and fun – they had everything from markers that could draw on your face to a real ambulance that kids could play in.  We were greeted by Rachel Evans, the Special Events Coordinator at the museum, she embraced us literally and figuratively the minute we walked through the door as she proudly announced that she too was “LD AND PROUD TO BE!”.  It can not be emphasized enough how nice she was and how excited she was about our tour, Eye to Eye, and our presence in the museum.  We liked the Children’s Museum so much that we stayed for two and a half hours doing art projects with the kids and talking to the parents about the importance of owning your label and changing the conversation surrounding LD/ADHD.  We all left thoroughly exhausted but incredibly happy and fulfilled.

Our table at the Children's Museum!


It was an incredible day and we are all a little sad to be leaving Nebraska so soon.  Tomorrow we embark across Iowa and Illinois to get to our fifth stop – CHICAGO!!  Gotta go pack six peoples stuff into the roofbox – always a challenge!

To the Movement,

Emma & Katie


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