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July 29, 2013

It’s Molly again!!!

I am excited to report that we have made it to the windy city! The famous Chi-town!!! We enjoyed a delicious deep-dish pizza from Giordano’s that left the tour team speechless and satisfied with large tummies. We stayed at the co-op next to Northwestern and enjoyed their company and are grateful for the sleeping accommodations. We were up early on Saturday checking out the wonderful attractions that Chicago has to offer. We took silly pictures at The Bean and watched native’s working-out at Millennium Park.


Then we ventured out to the Chicago library where we did a street team outside. We talked to Chi-towners about striking out stigma and were received with wonderful responses. One man stated, “ With negative experience we grow in positive ways.” This man exemplified our experience perfectly in that we may have struggled through school, stigma from our peers and teachers, yet we are accomplished college graduates and because of these experience we are the people we are today… determined. After our successful street team we enjoyed the city atmosphere and ventured to Magnolia’s Bakery where I tasted the best banana pudding. Hallie, being an art history major, enjoyed immensely her time at Art Institute of Chicago. She stated that every room that she walked into she gasped! She described the experience as, “Heaven for and art history nerd”.


We ate lunch in a cute bakery called Cosi, when ordering the women read my sweatshirt that say’s, “ I Put the sexy in Dyslexia” and asked “Do you have dyslexia?” we each smiled and told her our story and about the road trip and she was ecstatic about our cause and wished us luck. Another example of the immensity of our community.


We headed over to Northwestern where Emma and Katie gave a successful TDD. There we met a passionate mom and son who drove all the way from Ohio to hear our talk. That’s 4 hours!!! This pair gave us new energy and we were inspired by their passion and love for Eye to Eye. Their company blessed us during bowling and we were able to really hear their story. We wish them all the luck in their endeavors for creating a new Eye to Eye chapter!! After Bowling we hit the road and made it in 5ish hours to Cleveland. Pedal to the metal!! We are just eating up miles!!!


To the movement,



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