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Cleveland ROCKS!

July 29, 2013

Today was a great day in OHIO!!!  After driving through the night we arrived at the Jesuit Volunteer Corps house in Cleveland at 3AM!!  We slept in until a lazy 11 o’clock. Our host and proud LD ally Joey Belke made us a big breakfast of pancakes and bacon. Later, after the team went on a lovely jaunt around the neighborhood, we headed out for our Cleveland street team.

Before we could even unload the car at the Art Museum of Cleveland, we were met by a family who had been following our tour from day 1 and came to meet us at our Street Team. They shared how their son was diagnosed with dyslexia just a year and a half ago and how they were now working on setting up an Eye To Eye chapter in their own school district. They were an incredible family who not only had a proud dyslexic son but an incredibly supportive ally in his younger brother.  After an incredible street team we headed back to the JVC house.

 For dinner, thanks to our benevolent host, we had all the barbecued burgers and dogs we could eat. After dinner we played a highly competitive game of Clue. (Actually it was two games but I, the humble self proclaimed  King of Clue, knew that it was Colonel Mustard with the knife in the kitchen on my first guess)

After the second game of Clue we all packed up and got ready for bed. Tomorrow we have one of our longest days on the road (its also our last full day on the tour – can you believe it?) we will drive from Ohio to Massachusetts!!  We are looking forward to Katie & Emma’s TDD at The Gow School and interacting and talking with the Buffalo community!  Here we come East Coast – looking forward to seeing you!!


To the Movement,



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